Broke, busted, disgusted...but hopeful

Posted by muriel / on 04/05/2009 / 0 Comments

Given the global economic situation, many of us are broke, busted, disgusted...but hopeful 

If you still have a home, an apartment, a roof over your head, you can begin to be very hopeful.  There is abundance around us, but most of it coming from a plant in the environment. You can plant it and use all parts of it; you can start a moringa business from your home or under your roof.

Moringa belongs to the Moringaes family. It is believed to have been first cultivated about 4,000 yrs ago and used in ancient medicine in Africa , Arab and the Himalayas.

Legend has that it prevents 300 diseases; which is being confirmed through current research. Of the 4 Moringa species known today, the Moringa Olefiera is the most widely known and used.

Moringa is claimed by researchers to be the most nutrient rich plant ever discovered on earth to date. It contains Micro/Macro elements, water and Lipid Soluble Vitamins, Plant hormones, Antioxidants, Chlorophyll, Betas-sitosterol, ultimate antioxidant, complete amino acid, all essential fatty acid, and Zeatin, the powerful fighter against antiaging. In addition, Moringa contains other rare plant nutrients that have not been discovered and named yet, due to its unique positive respond on skin problems that even antibiotics have not helped. We believe that for the sake of the miraculous nutrient content of Moringa tree, Nutritional Data Analysis may be updated soon. Scientific analysis shows that Moringa contains 539 beneficial bio-chemical activities.

Moringa is one of the rare trees whose leaves can be eat as vegetables, highly absorbable and bioavilable...

The plant provides the hope for the planet and the economic/financial opportunity for people

Learn more about the Moringa on Moringa Partners

Learn more and get involved in the Moringa Dollar Club, the financial/economic opportunity for each of us - to give us back hope and energy. We serve/You can join from

UNITED STATES Estados Unidos Español

Yes you can, UN Yakkers...this plant's for you, and the opportunity.


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