Ten tips for organizing your life

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Ten Tips for Organizing Your Life...

Ten Tips for Organizing Your Life...

We go through life without any attention to a sudden event that could affect our lives and our loved ones dramatically. These Ten Tips help with organizing life holistically, and thus reduce the gloom and embrace the joy of living. 

hese ten tips are to alert people to plan their lives for any eventuality,  sudden or not, so that they can embrace life and celebrate the joy of living knowing that they have organized their affairs in the event that an accident occurs, and their families can easily pick up any pieces and carry on. When we apply these tips, we can  focus on returning to living more qualitatively, consciously and spiritually. We are relieved from stress and distress, and are helped to let go of any fears and embrace the joy of living.   

The purpose is to contribute to people who have some difficulty in organizing their life, and who are constantly fearful, on the one hand, as well as those who cannot bear to think that they will one day leave this conscious life and cannot address anything that deals with putting their affairs in order.  Read more here





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